I was born on May 10, 1933 in Kharkov, Ukraine. As many of artists, I began drawing early in childhood. Those works do not exist now. I remember only my grandfather's drawings - getting ready carriages with slim - legged horses. In 1941-1943 I was evacuated to the Bashkir Rebublic. From 1948 to 1953 I was studying in Kharkov State Art School.

After graduation I worked in Trade Advertising Co. during a year, where I was making signboards. Later I worked in The Art Fund. First I was making copies of old masters, portraits to order. Than I transfered to murrals: fresco, wall-painting, mosaic. All this time I was developing my creativity. I worked hard, but it did not satisfy me. I was destroying the paintings and beginning over and over again. At this time I met the artist Benzion Vaks and made friends with him.

In 1929 - 1933 young Vaks studied in Jewish Art School in Kiev, a unique art school at that time. They learned Renaissanse art, European painting of the 17-th century, contemporary West-European styles from Fauvism to Constructivism and Russian Avantgarde. There was a high-level education there. The subjects were mostly Jewish. The base of Art of Jewish Diaspora in Ukraine was founded there. Sponsors of the School were well-known Jewish writers from Kiev. They were killed in 1952. The subject of Vaks's graduation work was a portrait of Sholom-Aleykhem. In 1933 there were tragic days in Ukraine. One day, a group of strangers broke in the School, demolished sculptures and paintings. A beautifull sculpture "Mother and Baby" by the principal of the School Mark Epstein was broken. Epstein was a pupil and a friend of Mark Chagall. The School stopped its existance, and Jewish art was destroyed.

Vaks handed me the lessons of the school, and his knowledge and experience as well. It was the basis for my further creative development and continuation of traditions. A line, a spot, a stroke, for me, are means for building a composition. Months and years go by, through discoveries and doubts, through the intuitive and the constructive, the sensual and the logical, by means of the plastic and colour before all the parts of composition will fit one another. Rhythm and movement appear, colour intensifies psyhological condition. The canvas begins his own life with his own rules, independent of artist's will. It becomes an equivalent of human spirit. My preference in Art is Vermeer with his romance of tone and vibration of colour, with his sistem of suplementary colours and reconciliatory gray semi-tones; Cubism of Picasso and Braque with their shift of forms. However, Cubism is not my philosophy, it is a source of expression. I am sure, Art has no Absolute. It is an enternal process of cognition, where final result is exeptable. Painting is not reflection of nature, it is phenomenon of nature. So, I was continuing working, someting taking part in group exhibitions. In 1970 I was adminited to The Artist's Union, and I completely transfered to creative work.

I painted compositions from Jewish life, inspired by impressions of my childhood and conversations with my teacher. I painting still-lifes, where I worked with formal problems. Working to order and taking part in official exhibitions were not smooth. Actually, I imagine painting as a surface withous space, only with plans - near, middle, remote. The near plan can be remote, and the remote one can be near. All these plans are in the bound of the surface, sreating inviolable unity. Besides, not-pluralistic state ideology denied my preference in decorative colours. This ideology admited only naturalistic verisimilitude. So I painted for myself and showed my works only to my closest friends. I exhibited only the most neutral pieces.

Must-visit art galleries in Houston

Houston is one of the best places for an art pilgrimage. As the fourth largest city in the country, Houston houses more than 60 art galleries displaying everything an art lover would like to see. Whether you appreciate paintings, photographs and sculptures of modern art or different, older era, your thirst for art will be quenched in Houston. Visit these exhibits accompanied by a beautiful escort Houston and you will share a lovely adventure together!

Soak up the art in Houston

Art embraces many forms and one of them is represented by graffiti. Head to Jefferson, at Aerosol Warfare and watch the gorgeous graffiti paintings displayed on the walls. They support the city’s graffiti scene even since decades ago and they sure appreciate all art forms. Your glamorous escort Houston will show you her favorite spray-paint based art project and, who knows, you might go back home with a piece of art.

18 Hands Gallery is definitely a place to visit if you are a ceramic enthusiast. The artists here support non-profit arts initiatives so it would be a nice gesture if you will support them in return. They exhibit astonishing ceramic fine art with decorative, functional and fanciful purposes. Stop here for several minutes with your delightful escort Houston then move on to the next art gallery that will surprise you even more.

Art League Houston brings together artworks of numerous artists who create different forms of visual art. Students are instructed at Art League School and many of them were rewarded as the Texas artists of the year. Take a closer look to their paintings, admire the impressive displays and see with your own eyes why this place kept running for more than half a century.

G Gallery will blow your mind with the contemporary art works. If the creativity of these artists will not impress you, then nothing else will do the job. Roots and branches are re-imagined in various shapes and objects that will stir your imagination, ensuring an unforgettable experience to you and your appealing escort Houston. The walls of this gallery exhibit intriguing paintings and photographs that will definitely touch your heart, as any artwork should.

Stroll between rows of artwork

Galeria Regina on Richmond Avenue manages to share the beauty of art with Houston community even since its opening. Only local artists are represented in this inspiring place, so if you want to admire the work of foreign artists, you must head to other art galleries. Harris Gallery is a leader when it comes to contemporary works on paper. An appealing selection of landscapes, abstract works, sculpture, canvases and photographs are exhibited here. Enter this area of the Museum District on Bissonnet and you will be impressed with your discovery.

Numerous other art galleries and exhibits surprise the life, culture and mentalities of contemporary and other eras. Step inside these must-visit galleries accompanied by a stylish escort Houston and you will have a remarkable experience!